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New New York was one of the main cities of New Earth and a recreation of New York City on Earth.

The city had a population of at least ten million. The Tenth Doctor jovially noted that it should have been called "New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New York," because it was the fifteenth New York built. (TV: New Earth)


The city's main governing body was the Senate of New New York. (TV: Gridlock) Dukes, with titles pertaining to separate areas of the city, such as the Duke of Manhattan (TV: New Earth) and the Duke of Brooklyn, (AUDIO: Escape from New New York) had the power to create legally binding contracts with the agreement of the senate. (TV: New Earth)


Across the water from the city was New New York Hospital, formerly run by the Sisters of Plenitude, which under their guidance provided miraculous treatments to the city's inhabitants.

New New York was policed by the NNYPD. (TV: New Earth)

The Motorway connected the various districts of New New York, including the Undercity. (TV: Gridlock)


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After Earth was destroyed by Sol expanding, a revival movement began, and the nostalgic humans moved to New Earth. The Sisters of Plenitude had been growing cloned humans infected with every known disease as a way of quickly treating diseases. Lady Cassandra, taking over Rose Tyler's body, freed a floor of the clones, who in turn released all of the other ones and they attacked New New York Hospital. The Tenth Doctor and Cassandra cured the clones, breaking the quarantine, the Sisters were arrested and Cassandra was transferred from Rose's body into the body of her servant, Chip. (TV: New Earth)

However, life then became harsh for the population. Pharmacists sold mood drugs, setting up shops in the Undercity. In the year 5,000,000,029 a new mood drug called Bliss was created, and the Upper City became addicted to it. A virus then mutated in the chemical and became airborne, killing everything in seven minutes flat. To protect the rest of the population, the lower city and the Motorway were sealed off and New Earth was placed in an automatic quarantine for one hundred years that could not be overridden. Sealed off from the Undercity and the M87 Galaxy, the virus had nothing to feed on, and thus it starved to death. The Motorway, meanwhile, had at some point become home to Macra, who fed off the gases emitted by the vehicles therein. The Undercity had no idea the upper city had died, many spending their lives locked in the motorway. Some even still believed the police would come if called, despite the automated message always saying they were placed on hold.

Eventually, in the year 5,000,000,053, the Tenth Doctor visited the city again, this time with Martha Jones, landing in Pharmacytown. He encountered the pharmacists, still selling mood drugs. With the help of the Face of Boe, he saved the people on the motorway by unsealing the exits and opening the roof section, allowing those trapped to escape and recolonise the city. Using all his life energy to open the motorway roof, the Face of Boe died. (TV: Gridlock)

In that same year, Rose-the-Cat landed the TARDIS in New New York, where she caught a fish. (COMIC: A Rose by Any Other Name)

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