New Girl was the first audio story in Before the Fall.

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"They've been coming to us for years. And we’ve been kept in the dark. My name's Rachel Allan. And I’m Torchwood"

It's Rachel Allan's first day at Torchwood. Torchwood only takes the brightest and the best – and Rachel’s wondering if Yvonne Hartman’s made a terrible mistake in picking her.

Plunged into a world of alien invasions and office politics, Rachel's desperate to fit in. For one thing, she really wants this job. And, for another, she knows what happens at Torchwood if you fail.

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Bad Wolf Edit

  • At an Indian restaurant, Rachel is bought an international beer named "Bad Wolf".

People Edit

  • Ianto explains that General R. Asquith is currently on the hunt for terrorists following recent events.
  • Ianto felt he had to leave Wales due to his father not being able to accept a certain life-choice of his. He felt his mother and sister were more "Welsh".
  • Adeola is present at Torchwood's "party".
  • Gareth and Raj are mentioned as Torchwood employees.
  • Thomas refers to Rosa Parks.

Places Edit

  • Rachel and another employee decide to go shopping at Henrik's after work.
  • Ianto is investigating an alien matter transmitter at the Royal Hope Hospital.

The Doctor Edit

  • One of Torchwood's prime objectives is to find the Doctor.

Torchwood Edit

  • A receptionist must be told "Mr Sands" in order for one to gain access to Torchwood Tower.
  • The "old Torchwood" used to just shoot aliens dead rather than use them to their own advantage.
  • Torchwood was founded by Queen Victoria to defend Great Britain against aliens.
  • Yvonne thinks that classical music is the key to keeping her staff calm and happy. There is a pianist playing in the entrance of Canary Wharf.
  • Torchwood has a constant problem with tourists wandering into the building, unaware that it is a secret institute.
  • Torchwood uses sentient technology in the lifts that recognise you and allow you to select music to play.

Transport Edit

  • Rachel mentions that she was late because of a problem on the Jubilee line.

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Notes Edit

  • This story follows after the events of TV: Rose, with the public suddenly becoming aware of aliens.

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