The New Earth Republic was formed by refugees from Earth.

During the civil wars of the 100th century, several arkships left Earth to find a better place to live. They went off-track nearby the Ant Nebula due to an area of strange particles which stopped them from leaving. Despite this, the area they found was rich in supplies and minerals and they prospered.

Later, the New Earth Republic was so successful that boredom was the only problem. At one point, one of the scientists of the New Earth Republic discovered the television messages sent from original Earth, which had only gotten there thousands of years later. The citizens of the New Earth Republic latched onto this new source of excitement and based their entire society on the Earth from the past. The Reef Station One was specially designed to pick these faint transmissions.

In the 101st century, one of the leaders of the New Earth Republic, Walter J. Matheson, attempted to bring the Nestene Consciousness to the New Earth Republic to shake things up. Though he was finally stopped, he caused mass destruction on Reef Station One with Autons and animated plastic products. After this invasion, the New Earth Republic lost interest in television and started sending sleeper ships to the Wolf-Lundmark-Melotte and Andromeda galaxies. When the Junta, an army formed from the colonies of Earth, invaded the New Earth Republic in the 102nd century, they were beaten back easily.

Some of the planets of the New Earth Republic included New California, Tranicula, New Regency, Bel Terra, Paxas, New Aspen and New Alaska. (PROSE: Synthespians™)

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