Nev Fountain is an English author who has written for Doctor Who in multiple media.

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Fountain has written three Big Finish Doctor Who audio stories, a Bernice Summerfield short story, two Doctor Who Short Trips short stories, and a story for The Diary of River Song: Series Three. He has written several comic stories for Doctor Who Magazine and Doctor Who Adventures. Fountain is also an occasional contributing writer of nonfiction to Doctor Who Magazine and has contributed to supplemental material on 2|entertain Doctor Who DVD releases, and regularly appears at Doctor Who and other scifi conventions.

Fountain was a script editor on Death Comes to Time.[1]

Fountain was a writer and occasional actor in the sketch comedy series Dead Ringers, which often parodied Doctor Who, in both its radio and television incarnations. He also contributed to the charity reference book Behind the Sofa: Celebrity Memories of Doctor Who.

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Outside of the Doctor Who universe, Fountain has been a frequent contributing writer to a wide variety of radio and television programmes since the mid-1990s, often joined by his longtime collaborator Tom Jamieson.[2]

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Fountain is a mystery novelist, writing The Mervyn Stone Mysteries for Big Finish Books.[3] Written from the viewpoint of the fictional Mervyn Stone, a struggling writer (primarily known for working on a 1980s scifi TV series with a cult following) who has a tendency to end up solving murders, the series pokes fun at the worlds and interactions behind the scenes and among the fandom of things like Doctor Who.

In support of the novels, Big Finish launched a dedicated website as well as an in-universe podcast miniseries revealing some of the "real" back-story of the cult series Vixens from the Void. The podcast features Fountain, Nicholas Briggs and Nicola Bryant. The seven episodes make up a self-contained murder mystery story, known as Whatever Happened to Babel J?

Fountain also writes a Twitter feed in-character as Mervyn Stone. From 1 April through 24 April 2011 he posted The Pen Is Mightier Than the Nerd, an entire murder mystery told in real-time via Mervyn Stone's Twitter posts. Fountain posted the conclusion to Twitter live from on-stage at the 2011 Act III scifi convention while, in the narrative, Stone was announcing the mystery's solution from on-stage at the same convention.[4]

In February 2013 Big Finish released "The Axeman Cometh," a Mervyn Stone audio drama mystery, starring John Banks as Mervyn and Nicola Bryant as Vanity.

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Fountain drew his own comics as a child. Among his influences he counts the Target Books Doctor Who novelisations, beginning with Doctor Who and the Brain of Morbius, as well as the prose work of Douglas Adams and the comics work of Alan Moore, John Wagner, Pat Mills, and Alan Grant.[1]

Fountain is in a relationship with Nicola Bryant.[1] Fountain has collaborated professionally with Bryant on several occasions, including a December 2010 episode of Scoop. Bryant posed for the cover of the Mervyn Stone novel Geek Tragedy.

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