Nerva City was the main settlement after Earth was recolonised by human colonists from the Nerva Beacon in 16087.

Government Edit

Paul Dessay was head of the Nerva City Colony Board. (AUDIO: Wirrn Isle)

Geography Edit

Nerva City was located on the original site of New York City. (AUDIO: Wirrn Isle)

Climate Edit

When the Sixth Doctor and Flip Jackson visited in 16127, it was 20 degrees. (AUDIO: Wirrn Isle)

Culture Edit

Every season, Nerva City reenacted the Olympic ceremony, although a lack of information in the archives meant it happened "every fourth of a year", rather than every four years. Furthermore, much to Flip's surprise, it did not involve any sport. (AUDIO: Wirrn Isle)

History Edit

Built in 16087 on the former site of New York City to afford the protection of its natural harbour, Nerva city was the the first major colony founded by the people who had been cryogenically frozen on the Nerva Beacon.

By 16109, various groups of colonists had begun to settle in other parts of the globe, such as Inchfad Isle

In 16112, the colonists were recalled, due to large scale global climate change. Although some time before 16127, Roger Buchman had successfully lobbied for the colony program to be started up again.

The Sixth Doctor and Flip visited the city in 16127, before accidentally transmatting to the a colony on Inchfad Isle. Soon after, Paul Dessay announced that all transmats would become one-way only, in order to encourage the growth of the new colonies around the world.

That day, Wirrn, which had been frozen under Loch Lomond for over a decade, invaded Nerva City. The Doctor stopped them by transmatting them back to the loch before freezing it over once more. (AUDIO: Wirrn Isle)

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