Neil John Redmond was a businessman and billionaire.

Biography Edit

Neil was born to John Redmond and his wife, who died before Neil turned 18. He ran the arms manufacturer Artemis, which made him a billionaire, and developed Galatine.

In April 2004, Dr Sophie Rousseau hypnotised Jacques Fournier into crashing Neil's car in France as part of the Committee's plans to get a hold of Galatine. Fournier died whilst Neil was crippled and afterwards had to use a wheelchair.

Neil was left depressed after the accident and was, in 2008, approached by Committee agent Eve Trent of Ovid Industries, who offered him a robot doppelgänger to take over his affairs. He agreed and named him NJ after his initials. The two began a romantic relationship, but NJ grew more independent and Neil grew jealous and more depressed.

Jack Harkness was aware of Neil and NJ and visited the house to talk to Neil. He told him of all that had happened and learnt that NJ planned to sell Galatine to a number of countries as part of the Committee's plan to wipe the Earth clean. NJ later killed him. (AUDIO: Uncanny Valley)

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