Nehetka was one of two Anubians sent to invade Earth.

In 2050, Nehetka and his companion Geb travelled in a starship to Earth. This caught the attention of The Department. Inspector Drake ordered the ship to be destroyed using orbital missiles but before he could do so the ship disappeared, apparently burned up in the atmosphere. The ship actually cloaked and landed somewhere in London where K9 Mark 2, Starkey and Jorjie Turner were stargazing. K9 decided to investigate the ship. They transported down near them and were met by two CCPCs who advanced on them,. However they knocked them out with their energy attack. They then advanced on Starkey and Jorjie.

When K9 flew in their defence they were shocked at his presence and bowed and chanted to him. They went to Gryffen House, where they introduced themselves to K9. They showed a history book to K9 and his friends, and told them of their subjugation by the Huduct and their liberation by K9. The Anubians grew tired of Darius Pike's insults of the old K9 and Alistair Gryffen told him to leave. They then refused to show the rest of the book after K9's departure. As Gryffen admired their cloaking device, they told him they were informed of K9's enemies. When Gryffen argued only some were bad, they insisted the Department were enemies and that they would trouble him no more. Nehetka suggested that redecorating the house Anubian style would help K9 remember. They were outraged at Darius' dog whistle and took it from him. When Nehetka asked Gryffen what they should do with him, he strangely ordered them to banish him from the house. As Starkey and Jorjie discussed the matter of K9, they went to talk to him. He told them he was close to finding his lost enemies and the London must be freed from the control of the Department. They said they weren't going to war as there would be no contest. While Starkey and Jorjie argued that what the Anubians were doing was wrong, all K9 seemed to care about was finding his memories.

Starkey and Jorjie managed to sneak into the house at night and read the Anubian book. They learned of the Anubian's history of conquest. They tried to show this to K9 but were stopped and mindcontroled by Nehetka and Geb. Darius came back and tried to convince K9 that Gryffen, Jorjie and Starkey were replaced by "Pod people" or Robots. K9 scanned them and as they were only hypnotised, they registered as human, The Anubians then sent Darius away. Darius was sent back to Mariah, Geb then tried to attack him but was knocked out by Mariah's door, Darius then took the Ankh off his chest. Later, June Turner arrived at the house and was shocked at the look of the house and its residents. She scanned the area and detected an alien presence and called for backup. Nehetka then interferred with the transmission and announced that the Liberation of Earth has begun. He started to materialise the hypnotic headbands across all Department facilities, swiftly taking control of all Department personnel.

As he hypnotised June, K9 realised what the Anubians were doing was wrong and told him to stop. Nehetka refused to leave the humans half-defeated. K9 found that the headbands were the same as the ones used by the Huducts to control the Anubians. When K9 said he thought the Huducts and the Anubians would reconcile in peace, Nehetka told him it didn't last. K9 told Nehetka he was supposed to be better than this and decided to take action. Nehetka attacked K9 and deactivated him. The Anubian starship decloaked and Darius contacted Nehetka and revealed hehad taken control of the ship using the Ankh. He warned him to stop or he'd crash the ship on the house. When Jorjie offered Nehetka a grape and was seen by Darius, Nehetka determined he was bluffing. Darius said was stalling. K9 reactivated and shot Nehetka. Later on, Nehetka and Geb were arrested by CCPCs. (TV: Curse of Anubis)

Inspector Thorne incorporated DNA from the Anubians into Project: Trojan, a supersoldier created from the DNA of every species encountered by the Department for the Korven invasion of Earth. (TV: The Eclipse of the Korven)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Nehetka is called Nehebka in the credits, but is referred to as Nehetka in the actual episode.
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