Neela was the wife of Sole, and mother of Ennia and Leela. Ennia died when she was three, after Neela failed to save her from the Horda. She later killed the Horda in retribution. Leela was born a year later. (PROSE: Eye of Heaven, AUDIO: The Revisionists)

During her childhood, Leela saw her mother killed during an animal attack on Mount Kremnon. Neela shielded her child from harm during the incident. Leela stayed with her mother's body until sunrise in order to protect her soul from evil spirits. (AUDIO: Empathy Games) After Neela's death, Leela kept the knife she had used to protect Leela. Which she later displayed to an image of the Sevateem High Priest, Beteema. (PROSE: Eye of Heaven, AUDIO: The Revisionists)

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