Owen Harper asked Martha Jones if flirting with him would still be considered necrophilia if he was conscious, after having been resurrected by the Resurrection Gauntlet and Duroc. (TV: Dead Man Walking)

Tommy Carmodie joked that Josh Randall participated in the hobby of "necrophiliac trainspotting" since he knew so much about cemeteries. Josh, however, claimed he'd worked in one. (PROSE: Psi-ence) Tomb raiders were potentially necrophilic. (PROSE: Grimm Reality)

John Hart, in an alternate timeline in which he became Prince Consort to Queen Victoria, suggested "one last bit of how's your father" after she "shuffle[d] off." (AUDIO: The Death of Captain Jack)

Behind the scenes Edit

Though not elaborated upon much in any DWU media, necrophilia is sexual attraction towards corpses.

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