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Think Tank, officially the National Institute for Advanced Scientific Research, was a scientific institute located in England. It was headed by Hilda Winters.

The institute specialised in studying advanced sciences, including robotics, which was headed by Professor J.P. Kettlewell, who built his robot, the Experimental Prototype Robot K1, which would have eventually replaced humans in dangerous work conditions.

Most of Think Tank's members were part of the Scientific Reform Society, a fringe oganization that eventually wanted to rule the world and change it according to their views. They used the robot to steal the destructor codes for the nuclear missiles of the United States of America, China, and Russia and were going to fire unless the world came to their terms.

When the robot went mad, UNIT ambushed their meeting and most of them were arrested, though some of them, including Miss Winters, escaped. The robot was eventually destroyed. (TV: Robot)

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