Nathaniel Chambers was the son of Anthony Chambers, the elder brother of Katherine Chambers and a childhood friend to Peri Brown. He grew up in Fell's Point, Baltimore, Maryland in the United States. He was a fan of the television series Miami Vice, as was his father.

He took the news of the apparent murder of his father badly, drinking enough to pass out at the wake held at the home of Peri's mother Janine Foster on 24 September 1984. He subsequently comforted the cyber-converted Anthony, until the Cyber-Leader ordered Anthony to harm Nate so the Sixth Doctor would do his bidding. His back was broken, rendering him quadriplegic. Peri comforted him until the ambulance arrived. She told stories of their childhood, such as how they were going to get their names, Nathaniel and Perpugilliam, changed to sound more normal. (AUDIO: The Reaping)

He was later partially converted into a Cyberman to prolong his life. On 22 September 2006, the Fifth Doctor persuaded him that existing in this state was depriving his sister of a normal life, so he destroyed himself at the same time as he destroyed his sister's work. (AUDIO: The Gathering)

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