Nathaniel "Nate" Silver, also known as the Magus, was a long-lived 17th century human who played a large role in the events surrounding the babel's attempt to change Earth's timeline into a weapon for the War in Heaven.

Silver was born the year Charles I came to the throne, (PROSE: Newtons Sleep) 1625. (PROSE: The Roundheads)

In January 1642, Silver died at the Battle of Edgehill fighting on the side of the Roundheads. Members of the Pilots' Coterie resurrected Silver in an unaging body. He awoke on the battlefield clutching an egg-like posthuman technology and with a bullet still embedded in his forehead.

In January 1649, Silver attended the execution of Charles I at the Palace of Whitehall. Following this, Silver founded the Church of Christ Sublime, sponsored by Denzil Lynch.

In the late 1660s, Silver established himself as "The Magus" with the help of Nick Plainsong and Alice Lynch. He began corresponding with many strange individuals, including Jeova Unus Sanctus.

In 1671, the Magus demonstrated the properties of his egg to a group of assembled academics, magicians, and alchemists at Saloman's House.

On the run from the Service, Silver found safety in France with le Pouvoir.

In his later life, Silver comforted Aphra Behn on the last day of her life. In spring 1727, Silver went to the Cunicularii with Nick Plainsong and died after having sex with Mademoiselle Machine. (PROSE: Newtons Sleep)

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