Natalie Redfern was a researcher at Planet 3. She occasionally helped Sarah Jane Smith during her investigations. She helped Sarah Jane when her cover was blown at the bank she was working at. She got more information about the bank. (AUDIO: Comeback) She found information about the teenager drowned in the river who was a friend of Ellie Martin. Josh Townsend didn't think that she couldn't hack into the Met Police servers. (AUDIO: The Tao Connection)

She was looking for information about the break in at Biogard. She became paranoid when James Carver came to Sarah's flat. Harris tipped her out of her chair out of spite. (AUDIO: Test of Nerve) She was worried when Sarah wouldn't return her calls. She hacked into the Public Records Office to get information on a government operation from the 1940s. She told Sarah not to be paranoid. In her research she found out that the Scala personnel used to be members of the Scientific Reform Society. (AUDIO: Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre)

She trained as a forensic pathologist and went to Florence. She told Josh that she often went to see someone on the same day every year. She went away after Luca Parenti was killed after betraying them. (AUDIO: Buried Secrets)

She helped Sarah whilst she went to Will Sullivan's funeral. She later accompanied her to Nevada. (AUDIO: Dreamland)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • Natalie Redfern was played by actress Sadie Miller, daughter of Sarah Jane Smith actress Elisabeth Sladen.
    • Miller's novel Moon Blink features a character named Charlie Redfern, presumably a relative of Natalie.
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