Colonel Nasgard was a senior officer in the Kaled Military Elite and the younger brother of Tashek, the husband of Lady Calcula and the father of Yarvell and Davros (though not by blood in the latter's case). He lived on Skaro towards the end of the Thousand Year War between the Kaleds and the Thals. His ancestors in the House of Nasgard had owned a home beside Drammankin Lake for several centuries.

Biography Edit

Nasgard's family was a prominent and distinguished one with a long line of service in the Military Elite. He favoured strict discipline at all times, going as far as to execute soldiers for displays of cowardice, including the son of Tutor Magrantine. He was a stoic officer who always accepted his missions and never showed any mercy to the Thals. Years of fighting in Skaro's poisoned battlefields adversely affected Nasgard's health. He became sterile after Yarvell was born. By the time that she was 18, he had deteriorated to the point where Captain Brogan felt he had to report him to headquarters for being unfit to command. Having been relieved of his duties, Nasgard requested the newly-promoted Major Brogan to shoot him, giving him an honourable death on the battlefield, but the Major refused and instead escorted the Colonel to his family at their home.

After arriving there, Nasgard strongly objected to Davros's desire to join the Scientific Corps, insisting that he join the Military Corps as per family tradition. Lady Calcula, seeing her husband as a danger to her son, planted a bomb which killed him and Tashek, who told Nasgard that he was not Davros' biological father only minutes before their deaths. (AUDIO: Innocence)

In Nasgard's will, the family finances were held in trust under Davros' name and his wife and daughter were forbidden access to it until Davros was married. Due to her connections with senior members of the Kaled judiciary, Calcula was successful in her attempts to have the terms of the will overturned. Prior to this, she had attempted to set Davros up with the daughter of Councillor Matros, another member of the Council of Twelve who belonged to one of the most influential and wealthy Kaled families. (AUDIO: Purity)

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