Narvinectralonum, commonly known as Narvin, was a Time Lord and an important figure in the Celestial Intervention Agency, rising to the position of Coordinator before being made Romana II's Deputy Coordinator and later being appointed by President Rassilon to the War Council.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Narvin belonged to the Patrex Chapter. (AUDIO: Ascension) His father was an engineer, a job that Narvin did not want to pursue as he considered it to be "a lot less fun" than working for the Celestial Intervention Agency. (AUDIO: Havoc)

Working as a technician under Glower, Narvin was a part of Project Alpha and assisted in the development of the Timonic Fusion Device despite the warnings of Braxiatel. The catastrophe caused by the detonation of the device destroyed Minyos and necessitated a cover-up of the Time Lords' involvement by the CIA. He and Braxiatel harboured a long-standing enmity towards one another thereafter. (AUDIO: The Inquiry)

Rise through the ranks Edit

Not long afterwards, Narvin took up a position at the CIA and "never looked back". (AUDIO: The Inquiry) He trained for two hundred years on Gallifrey (AUDIO: The Quantum Possibility Engine) and, in time, moved up the ranks, (AUDIO: The Inquiry) eventually becoming Sub-Coordinator.

Narvin was sent to Bellascon by Vansell to investigate the time travel technology being constructed by the natives of the planet. It was there that Narvin met the Doctor for the first time, in his fourth incarnation, who was travelling alongside Adric and also investigating the technology. Adric was suddenly wiped from history and Narvin realised that his ancestors had been killed when the ship that they were on exploded. The Doctor sent Narvin back in time to prevent the explosion, where he discovered that one of the people involved with the technology had gone back to prevent all of the Doctor's companions from being born. Narvin killed him and the Doctor brought him back. (AUDIO: Erasure)

Life as Coordinator Edit

Early career Edit

After becoming Coordinator, Narvin gained permission from President Romana to wipe Bellascon from history using Time Lord technology. (AUDIO: Erasure)

Narvin was sent to investigate Josiah W. Dogbolter's experimentation into the combination of Time Lord and Speravore technology to create the Quantum Possibility Engine. He lost his TARDIS along the way and met the Seventh Doctor, Ace McShane - both of whom he freed using his sonic screwdriver - and, later, Melanie Bush. After the engine was activated, a new timeline was created in which Narvin worked for Kaltron, Inc. as an air oven designer. His memories were returned and both Dogbolter and the Krasi were defeated, after which Narvin asked the Doctor if he could take him back in his "scrap" TARDIS. (AUDIO: The Quantum Possibility Engine)

Narvin and Adric

Narvin early in his career at the CIA (AUDIO: Erasure)

Romana chastised him when his CIA agents lost a source of weapons-grade Chronons. He sent Andred to Gryben with Leela to discover information about Free Time. After Andred sent Mephistopheles Arkadian to Narvin, he took him to Romana as he knew about the Timonic Fusion Device. This escalated into Nepenthe making a threat of temporal war when he sent Battle TARDISes in orbit whilst the Monan Host had a security force on the planet. When Romana stopped an attack he realised that she was right as it would destroy the evidence of the device. He then demanded an inquiry. (AUDIO: Weapon of Choice)

He was later sent as the Time Lord delegate to a temporal conference. At the conference, he tried to convince the potential problems with looking into the past failures of time faring races. He was informed by Flinkstab on how the Monans gained their temporal powers. He was framed by Baano for the murder of Pule of Unvoss before time was rewritten by Hossak. (AUDIO: Square One)

Campaign against Romana Edit

After Romana's actions on Gryben, Narvin demanded an inquiry but failed to get her arrested or charged. He eventually teamed with the Inquisitor Darkel in an attempt to remove her from her office, along with her supporters, one of whom was Braxiatel. As part of the investigation, he discovered a data bomb in the matrix and found an artron imprint all over it. He analysed the imprint and found out that it belonged to someone who was going backwards and forwards in time. He gave this information to Romana. He went to arrest Braxiatel. Leela asked him about Andred's disappearance and he admitted that Torvald had killed him. He wanted to get Braxiatel tried for his interference in time. (AUDIO: The Inquiry)

As Chief Coordinator, Narvin was originally against the Lady President Romana and her liberal reforms and drew the suspicions of the Castellan at the time, Andred. Correctly assuming that he was being drawn into a trap, he sent Torvald in his place when they agreed to meet, which cost Torvald his life and Andred a regeneration, though Narvin was unaware of this. Believing Andred to be Torvald, he quickly covered up the event to protect "Torvald", only admitting that he had done so when held at knifepoint by Leela and only discovering the truth after Andred's confession during the Cecelia Pollard incident on 3 September 1939. Narvin immediately felt a loathing for Andred, which he implied would not have been as strong if Andred had not killed one of his operatives. (AUDIO: A Blind Eye)

He disliked the fact that Romana opened up the academy to offworlders. He had to explain to Darkel that the CIA wasn't a secret police and most of his work was covering up the holes politicians left behind. He warned Darkel that she should be careful. He questioned Wynter about his lack of experience to be Castellan as he had just graduated from the Academy. He chastised Andred about what he'd had done. He later told Wynter that Braxiatel was being placed in charge. When Andred escaped, he told Wynter that he had known it would happen. He was framed for the murder of the Archivist. He was constantly tired because of Pandora hitching a ride on his brainwaves. (AUDIO: Lies)

He was at the inquiry into the Pandora incident. (AUDIO: Spirit)

He wanted jurisdiction over the mysterious body that appeared on Davidia, thinking he had the right to it over Wynter. He became frustrated when K9 was the only one who could fully access the Matrix. He conversed with Wynter about how to proceed with Gillestes after she was captured. He knew that Darkel had access to Braxiatel's Matrix codes and started to mistrust her. Though Braxiatel took him into his confidence by confessing that he was in frequent contact with past and future selves (a very serious crime), Narvin betrayed him, using the information to get Braxiatel dishonourably exiled and to puncture a hole in Romana's credibility. (AUDIO: Pandora)

The Gallifreyan Civil War Edit

Leela and Narvin Fractures

Narvin and Leela during the Gallifreyan Civil War (AUDIO: Fractures)

He was concerned about Romana interfacing with the Matrix and contacting Pandora. Upon speaking with Romana he believed that she was acting out of character. He informed Romana that the high Monan wanted to remove all their students from the Academy. He was threatened by Darkel by exposing that she had CIA codes if he started to doubt. (AUDIO: Insurgency) He informed Romana about the bombs in the Academy. He argued against Darkel for her actions relating to the terrorist bombings. Romana asked him to investigate the bombings and Leela bargained with him for all information he obtained about it. He found out that he was being set up again as a scapegoat for the bombings. He went to warn Romana that she was in danger of being caught in the third explosion. Unfortunately, misjudging the extent of Darkel's ambitions, his actions and his trust in her (despite the fact that she obviously felt very cavalier about the idea of him being arrested) ended up indirectly causing the release of Pandora and the resulting civil war that threw the entire planet into turmoil. (AUDIO: Imperiatrix) Narvin later admitted that he had made a mistake in betraying Braxiatel's trust. (AUDIO: Mindbomb)

Narvin was involved in the development of the assassin Aesino, a being that had been fractured through time, which had been hooked up to the late Castellan Wynter's TARDIS, or at the least the one he had stolen. He was unable to perfect it before war broke out and never suggested it as a weapon, fearing what the Vault's consciousness would do if ever in the possession of a Time Lord President.

When Pandora was released and began to wreak havoc on Gallifrey, he joined Romana's side in the civil war and nearly regenerated in a premature bomb explosion which also blinded Leela. He was taken with Leela to a medical station in the Outlands. After recovering, he discovered that Romana had gone to the Anomaly Vaults and was concerned as he didn't want the Sentience to have hold of the President. Eventually transporting into the Anomaly Vaults to save Romana, he managed to engineer Romana, Leela, Commander Hallan's and his own escape to the ruined remnants of the Academy. (AUDIO: Fractures) He helped build a stronghold there, creating his own adaptation of certain Matrix partitions, in effect a force field capable of keeping everything out. He had a standoff with Darkel outside of his barriers where Darkel managed to plant a Bug Bomb on him. Luckily, Leela managed to get it off him. He reported to Romana that there was a bio-hazard and realised that Pandora had re-engineered it with her own DNA. He suggested that Hallan should freeze himself until a cure was found. Narvin created a new partition to allow Romana to enter the APC Net chamber and eventually defeat Pandora. Though Narvin had started as someone who would have liked nothing better than to see Romana defamed, he ended up, unexpectedly, after the events of Free Time, Pandora, and Darkel's machinations, as one of the staunchest supporters of Romana and one of the few senior Time Lords who continued to be so after the civil war had ended. When Romana ultimately chose to sacrifice herself along with Pandora and the Matrix, Narvin was the only one who actively attempted to save her as his President, seeing it as his duty, as Matthias had accepted her decision and Elbon didn't care. (AUDIO: Warfare)

Post-war Edit

Narvin and Leela

Narvin with a blind Leela after the war (AUDIO: Panacea)

Following the war he wanted Mathias to become acting President instead of Valyes, however, Matthias said that by law this couldn't happen. When the Sunari invaded he was worried about Romana's safety. He took great risks in keeping Romana informed and alive during the election preceding the war and also did everything in his power to try and prevent Darkel from obtaining the Presidency, even going so far as to say that if she were ever elected, he would resign from his position. Romana asked him to help Leela and K9 as well as suggesting that he should make himself a candidate. He managed to repair the transduction barriers, but this destroyed the Nekkistani and Sunari fleet by accident. (AUDIO: Appropriation)

He suggested to Leela and K9 to become Romana's legal counsel when she was arrested. Darkel wanted to know which side in the election Narvin supported. Narvin thought that Darkel's assassin was asked to do it for political gain. He worked out that Romana's cell was bugged so got her to visit him. He got Leela and K9 to search Braxiatel's office. Annos asked for his advice when Darkel ordered Annos to execute Janartis. When Braxiatel pardoned both Romana and Janartis, he announced that Janartis had revealed Darkel's plans. (AUDIO: Mindbomb)

He warned Matthias not to allow Mephistopheles Arkadian as he was a known criminal. He was worried about the potential deal they were making. He asked Leela to give evidence about Arkadian. Following Arkadian to the biodata archive, he was time scooped to the Braxiatel Collection by accident. (AUDIO: Panacea)

Exploring alternate Gallifreys Edit

Braxiatel brought him to the Axis, where they started exploring alternative realities. He didn't want to leave the Biodata Archive behind. He felt like he didn't fit in on this version of Gallifrey. He learnt that the Time Lords were selling Gallifrey's secrets and TARDISes to the highest bidder. When trapped on an alternate Gallifrey where regenerations were extracted and sold among Time Lords, Narvin had his remaining lives stolen from him as a form of torture. (AUDIO: Reborn)

He visited another alternate Gallifrey, where he was appalled that they were temporal interventionists. The Burner Doctor told him that he was was a paradox, this was because the version of him in that reality was killed by an alternate Leela. He thought this was the cause of the Axis system collapse. He helped Braxiatel find the source of the instability. (AUDIO: Disassembled)

Narvin Forever

Narvin whilst on an alternate Gallifrey (AUDIO: Forever)

After losing Braxiatel after the system collapse he explored many realities with just Leela as Romana would not join them until they found a Gallifrey which was unusual. He started to notice that Leela was ageing. He found out that this Gallifrey contained a vampire race. When Leela wanted to become one of Borusa's hounds he was concerned as she might die and he would be alone. He went with Leela to help her take down the transduction barriers. He was attacked by Lord Prydon and had to tell Romana that he could no longer regenerate. (AUDIO: Annihilation)

He wanted to stay somewhere for more than one day. He found out that his counterpart on the final Gallifrey they visited was the Lord Chancellor, and how ruthless he was. Knowing the attitudes of his counterpart, he could obtain information about the time travel experiments. When his counterpart sacrificed his life to save the planet when the Krilig attacked, Narvin took his place as Chancellor after they were stranded on the planet. (AUDIO: Forever)

Romana put him in charge of finding new time technology so that they could get home. He reminded her that the council had doubts about her as she was less ruthless than her counterpart. He warned Romana against negotiating with the outsiders. He was framed by Allora for an assassination attempt on Leela. Romana used this to get more information about Allora by placing them in the same cell. He was released after it was discovered that Valyes was behind the attempt. Narvin told Kavil that he had covered up his part in the assassination attempt as they needed him to help them get back to the Axis. (AUDIO: Emancipation)

Narvin oversaw a conference of the Gallifreyan scientists that explored time travel technologies and had heard of Jonias. He was a bit suspicious of using money as an incentive. He employed Maris to look after Leela and find a research base. He found out about the ethics violation that Jonias had performed as there were experiments done on the former slaves. He questioned Jonias about it. (AUDIO: Evolution)

He had Kavil strengthen the signal coming from the Axis. He informed Romana that Lord Zakar's ship had been shot down. After Lord Zakar was captured by the outsiders, he visited Leela to negotiate his release. Narvin then talked to Zakar about his circumstances. He found out that Zakar knew that he and Romana were imposters and then ordered an attack to return Zakar back to the Citadel. He used the recording of Zakar showing his guilt to stop a civil war. (AUDIO: Arbitration)

Narvin and Dalek

Narvin with a Dalek (AUDIO: Extermination)

He knew of the fate of the Daleks, but that knowledge didn't help him when he faced them in battle. He told the Daleks that there wasn't anything useful on this version on Gallifrey and they should leave. He tried to find a way to stop them, using his knowledge and technology available to him. Leela was surprised that he stayed to fight and look for Romana rather than save his own skin. He went to the armoury where he found experimental weapons. He saved Leela from being exterminated. He travelled back to the Axis and opened the portal to their Gallifrey. (AUDIO: Extermination)

Return to Gallifrey Prime Edit

On returning back to his home Gallifrey, Narvin was trapped in a Chronic Hysteresis with Leela. He found Romana's deal with her next incarnation Trey disturbing but understood why she made it. He prepared Trey's exile on Romana's orders but had to use it to exile Romana instead due to the death of Kolspen of Unvoss. He invested Trey as president. This occurred in the Matrix. (AUDIO: Renaissance)

He again helped Leela when some masonry fell on her. When the Daleks invaded Gallifrey, and Romana had apparently sacrificed herself to contain them, Narvin saw no other way of defeating them and sent Valyes to Skaro. There, Valyes would send the Fourth Doctor on a mission to destroy the Daleks as they were being created. Narvin claimed, in a desperate ruse to save Romana, that he had seen a future where only Dalek life remained in the universe. (AUDIO: Ascension, TV: Genesis of the Daleks)

Upon discovering that Romana had been safe all along, Narvin feared that his orders to Valyes might have disastrous consequences. (AUDIO: Ascension)

Fighting the Eminence Edit

Following the early death of Coordinator Straxus, Narvin returned to the post of Coordinator, in extremis. He was behind recruiting the Master to help the Time Lords fight the Eminence. (AUDIO: The Death of Hope)

After the Master went rogue, Narvin recruited the Eighth Doctor to help him stop the Master's plans to exploit the powers of the Eminence. Narvin claimed never to have met the Doctor before. He used the Matrix to show the Doctor the Master's actions on Heron's World. He knew what happened to the Ides Scientific Institute in both the pre and post Straxus timeline. He then showed him a Matrix projection of what would happen after the Master's departure. He requested the Time Lord President to sanction the protection of the people of Heron's world, knowing that the Doctor's involvement would aid her decision. (AUDIO: The Death of Hope)

He then showed Ramosa to the Doctor, and gave him Liv Chenka as assistance. The Doctor then demanded answers from him. He told the Doctor that part of the CIA were against his plans and wanted to kill the humans the Master had infected with Retro-genitor particles. (AUDIO: The Reviled)

He saved the Doctor's TARDIS after the Master had ejected it from a spaceship. (AUDIO: Masterplan)

Narvin accompanied the Doctor to Earth to thwart the Master's plans to exploit the Eminence's power and take over the human race. He was captured and held in an Eminence casket whilst the Master succeeded in corrupting the minds of humanity. The Doctor defeated the Master and freed Narvin. Narvin travelled back to Gallifrey and arranged for the Master's corruption of history to be airbrushed away. (AUDIO: Rule of the Eminence)

The return of Omega Edit

Narvin and Ace

Narvin and Ace (AUDIO: Intervention Earth)

Narvin argued with President Romana III about the employment of Precogs on Gallifrey. She sent him to Earth in 2986 BC, to Greater Henge, to retrieve Ace and the Hand of Omega. He got annoyed when Romana forbade him from using his staser on the locals, but he did use it to show his strength. He found out that his adjutant Tauras was behind the Hand's use. Then, he was brought to the anti-matter universe, when he tried to stop Omega being freed; he was involved in telepathic contact with Romana and Lukas to hinder Omega's willpower. Eventually, Omega fled and Narvin managed to escape the pocket universe along with Romana and Ace. When the TARDIS they were using to escape lost power just after leaving the black hole he was left stranded with Ace after Irving Braxiatel saved Romana. (AUDIO: Intervention Earth) Narvin was charged with treason, and Trave was sentenced to execute him due to his part in the Omega Plot. (AUDIO: Enemy Lines)

Life as Deputy Coordinator Edit

Shifting timelines Edit

When Braxiatel changed the timelines, Narvin arrested the Adherents of Ohm and placed the Hand of Omega under lock and key. He was made Deputy Coordinator when Romana II appointed herself as the new Coordinator of the CIA. He then sent Ace to Outpost Delta to discover any plots of the Monan Host against Gallifrey. Whilst in the Matrix, he was attacked by the Watchmaker and killed.

Afterwards, Romana and Leela created another timeline in which Narvin didn't die. In this third timeline, Narvin became Deputy Coordinator, as in the second timeline, and arrested Plutus and Kalbez on charges of high treason and attempted murder. (AUDIO: Enemy Lines)

The Last Great Time War Edit

Narvin and Daleks

Narvin and a pair of Daleks (AUDIO: Anti-Genesis)

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He was informed by one of his subordinates, Karla, of a facility in the Loom Forests. He was later informed of the destruction of Phaidon. Narvin found out that the War Council had placed a facility within the Death Zone. He sent Leela to investigate. After Leela was caught, he travelled to the Death Zone with Romana II against his will. (AUDIO: Celestial Intervention)

Narvin contacted the Master once he had acquired enough Swenyo for the Time Lords' war effort. He gave him a Chameleon Arch as payment. (AUDIO: Sins of the Father) Braxiatel later informed him of the "death" of Ace and told Romana of this. She then ordered him to find the Master. (AUDIO: Soldier Obscura) Narvin warned Romana not to use the Master and that the war had given him a purpose. Romana reminded him that he had given the Master a purpose. He eventually lost track of the Master's TARDIS, after the Master had expelled Leela from it and went to Arcking. (AUDIO: The Devil You Know)

Narvin and Rassilon

Narvin and Rassilon (AUDIO: Time War: Volume Two)

He was angry when Trave expelled the Phaidons from the planet and told Romana of this. He knew of a way for Livia to resign but keep her dignity. He spent his time trying to stop the war by going through Gallifrey's past and future but was called up to become a soldier. Romana used this to her advantage to shut down Project Revenant. He told Karla that the Daleks would use the project to turn all the resurrected Time Lords into Daleks. Karla betrayed him and left him to die in the explosion, but he was rescued by Braxiatel. He informed Romana of Karla's betrayal. (AUDIO: Desperate Measures)

Alternate timelines Edit

In an alternate timeline in which the Time Lords regularly altered history through the Temporal Intervention Agency, Narvin served as the Interrogator General under Lady President Romana until he was murdered by Leela, who succeeded him in that position. (AUDIO: Disassembled)

A version of Narvin served as High Chancellor of a another alternate timeline in which Rassilon failed to finish the Eye of Harmony before his death. (AUDIO: Forever)

Personality Edit

Narvin Gallifrey 6

Narvin (AUDIO: Gallifrey VI)

Romana once described Narvin as "a CIA half-wit". (AUDIO: Second Sight) Matthias called Narvin the "Black Sheep" of the Patrexes. (AUDIO: Ascension)

Before eventually becoming friends with Leela and Romana, (AUDIO: Extermination) Narvin was concerned with his own survival above all else. (AUDIO: The Quantum Possibility Engine, Ascension)

Narvin and Leela shared an association, even a mutual respect for one another, (AUDIO: Annihilation) partially through the status that Leela held due to her husband Andred and through her friendship with Romana. Particularly during the civil war and after, with most of their other confidantes either exiled or locked up or dead, Leela often (if a little reluctantly) went to him for advice whereas Narvin often went to Leela for errands which he could not trust to anyone else.

Later on, Narvin seemed extremely concerned for Romana's safety after she was stripped of her rank. (AUDIO: Annihilation) He was willing to make great sacrifices to save Romana, both because he felt Gallifrey needed her and because he came to realise he needed her. (AUDIO: Ascension)

Narvin was dismissive of the Seventh Doctor and didn't like to be compared to him; this also extended to gadgets. When Melanie Bush was manipulated into handing the Doctor, Ace and the TARDIS over to Dogbolter, Narvin broke him out of prison with his own version of a sonic screwdriver. Narvin was annoyed when the Doctor hinted that he'd been inspired by the Doctor's own sonic screwdriver, and went as far as calling it a "sonic lockpick." Narvin was also dismissive of the Doctor's human companions, and stated the Doctor only kept them around to stroke his ego because they kept making poor observations and asked what he considered stupid questions. (AUDIO: The Quantum Possibility Engine)

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