A name was a word or combination of words that identified a specific person or subject. Immediately prior to having sex with a Sex Gas-possessed Carys Fletcher, Matt Stevens noted that he did not even know her name, going on to suggest that names were "overrated". (TV: Day One)

Yvonne Hartman, director of Torchwood One, believed it important to know everyone she worked with by name. (TV: Army of Ghosts)

Daleks Edit

In the early days of the Daleks' development on Skaro, some individual Daleks had actual names, as evidenced by the scientist Zeg. (COMIC: Duel of the Daleks) However, by the time of the Dalek Emperor's scheme to isolate the Dalek factor and implant it in all of humanity, it was a mark of the Humanised Daleks' oddness that they took on names — starting with Alpha, Beta and Omega. (TV: The Evil of the Daleks) The Tenth Doctor later noted that the Cult of Skaro's having names (Sec, Thay, Caan and Jast) was one of their unusual features. (TV: Doomsday)

In place of names, Dalek soldiers could be designated with a number by their superiors; the newly-created Daleks on Vulcan were referred to by the original three by designations such as "Dalek 9" and "Dalek 10". (TV: The Power of the Daleks) Daleks also referred to each other as such during their invasion of Trodos. (COMIC: The Trodos Ambush)

Several other Daleks throughout history were granted names, not by themselves, but by the Doctor — including Dal (AUDIO: Echoes of War), Rusty (TV: Into the Dalek, Twice Upon a Time) and Lumpy (GAME: The Doctor and the Dalek) The Space Security Service also assigned numbers to captured Daleks. (COMIC: The Only Good Dalek)

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