The Nambiro were an amphibian species who threatened Faction Paradox's survival during the War in Heaven. They developed a taste for paradox energy after their homeplanet was drenched in the fallout of a ruptured timeship.

The Nambiro began a campaign of setting traps and false signals throughout time and space to lure in Faction agents so the Nambiro could feast on them. After capturing some Nambiro to learn of their motives and capabilities, the Faction decided to fight the Nambiro traps with a larger trap of their own, the Armistice. (PROSE: The End of the Beginning)

While spreading news of the Armistice, a Faction troupe consisting of Mullion, Amara, Axastyakis, Hole, and Cá Bảy Màu accidentally attracted Nambiro via time-thickening and were eaten. (PROSE: What Keeps Their Lines Alive)

During the First Auction in Heaven, Father began to scold Kifah's risktaking by invoking the name of a group who were picking apart Faction Paradox one-by-one, but Mother stopped him before he could say "Nambiro". (PROSE: Going Once, Going Twice)

A Nambiro appeared to eat someone experimenting with a scrying glass, but two Faction members saved the scryer, leaving the Nambiro to "find peace". (PROSE: Inside the Looking Glass)

A Nambiro was trapped by the Faction in a dead-time containment field on Dust. The Nambiro was then released and tricked by Cousin Persephone into seeking The Book of the Peace. (PROSE: The End of the Beginning, And To Dust We Shall Return) The Nambiro arrived in a Faction-made simulation based on The Yagé Letters and encountered a faux William Burroughs. Prevented from extensively examining The Book of the Peace by Burroughs, the Nambiro was left convinced the armistice was real even though it knew no details. (PROSE: The Ugly Spirit, A Man Lays Dying) It reported back to its people, who then believed that with the War over Faction Paradox were the last remained source of paradox energy. (PROSE: The End of the Beginning)

Sponsored by the Nambiro, (PROSE: A Shift in Focus) Huxley sent Wade, Nezf, Tabrenilsodvoravitas, and a shift to a Great Houses base on RMS in the Amazolian system to steal the "Greater Key". (PROSE: A Farewell to Arms)

The Faction proceeded to hold a ritual to get all its members to gather on Dust (PROSE: War During Peacetime) so that the Nambiro would swarm there. While the Nambiro were distracted, Z'akbo Eji harnessed the Paradox Eater to change the Nambiro's history so that they never came to hunger for paradox energy. The Nambiro on Dust all became paradoxes themselves and destroyed each other in a storm of cannibalism. Thus, the purpose of the Armistice was fulfilled. (PROSE: The End of the Beginning)

However, while overseering a Remote colony world, Satyavan became a servant of a group of "lost souls" resembling shadows who had been erased from time and wished to return. (PROSE: Jukebox)

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