Professor Nakatomi was a Japanese scientist who had an assistant named Hiro.

In 2016, he bought a Kaznak Simu-System off of the black market. Nakatomi planned to create a video game system with the Sim-System's technology. He had volunteers participate in tests with the Simu-System to find out how it worked.

Two of his volunteers were young boys who liked kaiju. When they were hooked into the Simu-System, it created two of their favourite monsters. The monsters proceeded to rampage through the city. This attracted the attention of UNIT and the Twelfth Doctor, who used his sonic screwdriver to locate the Simu-System. Nakatomi and Hiro were unable to stop the Simu-System themselves, but with the Doctor's help they built a contraption that could interfere with the Simu-System. The Doctor used the device to take control of the Simu-System and got rid of the monsters. Nakatomi was then arrested by UNIT. (COMIC: Big in Japan)

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