Nagara was a Silurian scientist who lived millions of years ago when his species was dominant on the planet Earth.

He devoted his time to studying the primitive apes. His aim was to see the development of mammalian species at the zoological research centre, where he worked alongside Guruz. They demonstrated their findings of showing captive apes attempting to force pre-human apes to learn and display intelligence. Velk was unimpressed. He was more concerned about the call to the hibernation chambers when it was learnt that a foreign body was on a collision course with their planet.

Nagara's prized specimen was Kin, who was the leader of the apes. It strangled Guruz in response to another beating. Seeing developing intelligence, Nagara foresaw the creatures becoming sufficiently intelligent to be servants and labourers in factories. He returned to set the apes free, believing they would thank him for the discipline he had given them. After accepting a woven headband like Kin's, he found his third eye was blocked by a stone at the front, allowing the apes to attack him and exact their revenge for their brutal captivity. (COMIC: Twilight of the Silurians)

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