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Normal Space, usually referred to as N-Space for short, was the name given to the prime universe of Gallifrey to distinguish it from the smaller E-Space. Alternatively, it was also known as the "third universe" (AUDIO: Quinnis) or Home D, to distinguish it from other dimensions, like Shadow-Space. (AUDIO: Masquerade) Donna Noble once referred to this universe as the Doctor's World. (TV: Turn Left) Second Reality gamers referred to this universe as fleshspace. (PROSE: Another Life)

According to the Eleventh Doctor, N-Space was born alive, but it could only become aware of itself by developing sensors across its surface, known as life forms, each of which suffered a temporary delusion of separate identity during data collection - called consciousness - but in reality had little to none individual existence. (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor) However it couldn't form properly with the Solitract as it made it unable for the pieces to come together. It was only after banishing it to the Solitract plane could N-Space form properly. (TV: It Takes You Away)

Properties Edit

Entropy Edit

Because of entropy, N-Space should have ceased to exist as a result of heat death some time before the 20th century in the Humanian Era, if not for the Logopolitans. The Logopolitans used Block Transfer Computations to create the CVEs to vent entropy from N-Space into E-Space. (TV: Logopolis) Sometimes the CVEs also allowed physical objects to travel from N-Space into E-Space. (TV: Full Circle)

Co-ordinates Edit

Unlike E-Space, which used coordinates with a negative value, relative to the navigational system of the Doctor's TARDIS, N-Space used positive coordinates. The Fourth Doctor suggested, then, that N-Space was a positive universe and E-Space its negative counterpart.

The TARDIS scanner continued to show images of N-Space even after materialising on Alzarius, which had the same co-ordinates as Gallifrey, though reversed. The Doctor suggested that, rather than relaying visual information, the scanner operated off the absolute value of the co-ordinates and could not process negative coordinates. The scanner system was made functional by replacing its original N-Space image translator with one native to E-Space. (TV: Full Circle)

The Gateway, whose co-ordinates had a zero value (neither positive nor negative) served as a place of transit between N-Space and E-Space. (TV: Warriors' Gate)

Transit points Edit

Aside from the Gateway, objects could have passed from N-Space to E-Space through a CVE, as did the Doctor's TARDIS. (TV: Full Circle) The Great Vampire travelled to E-Space from N-Space by means unknown, as did the human ship, the Hydrax. The Doctor surmised that the Hydrax was intentionally brought into E-Space by the Great Vampire. (TV: State of Decay)

N-Space existed side-by-side with a reservoir of evil that was made of manifest suffering and fear. There were weak points that Dr Colin Dove termed "synapses" through which, at perihelion when the two worlds were at their closest, the evil force could come through with the help of powerful sensitives. The land that Hawthorne was built upon was one such example. (HOMEVID: The Zero Imperative)

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