"Myloki" was the placeholder name given to a large species who warred with humanity in the mid-21st century. Their appearance, goals, homeworld, and abilities were unknown to humanity.

Starting in 2066, the Myloki waged a war with humans, both covertly and openly. As part of the overt war with humanity in 2067, New York City was destroyed by nuclear weapons. As part of the covert war, a number of humans were taken and duplicated and infused with Myloki intellect, two such individuals were created. Both were indestructible, one remained under the thrall of the Myloki and earnt the nickname "Captain Death" due to the fact none who faced him survived, the other the titular Indestructible Man who regained his humanity. As part of the terror campaign, people were converted into "Shiners", they became feral, their skin leathered and their eyes glowed. The war finally ended in 2068, when a bomb was detonated on their base on the Moon. Following the war there was vast social and economic upheaval.

In 2096, there was a second attack by the Myloki, causing damage worldwide. (PROSE: The Indestructible Man)

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