Miss Myers was a member of a race of the Fleshkind who were at war with Metalkind. She intended for her artificially created daughter, named Sky, to be a weapon against them. However, Sky was taken from Myers and placed on Sarah Jane Smith's doorstep. Myers followed Sky to Earth and took over the Summerwell Nuclear Power Station.

After Sky's powers activated, Myers connected a fallen Metalkind to the plant's power supply. She used it to summon the rest of its kind to Earth. This forced Sarah Jane to bring Sky to her to save the world. However, Clyde Langer and Rani Chandra shut down the plant's core, closing the portal. The backlash disabled Sky's powers. The Metalkind freed itself, and using energy it had held in reserve, transported Myers back with it to its homeworld. (TV: Sky)

Personality Edit

Miss Myers was a very confident, ambitious and desperate woman. She claimed the war between her species and Metalkind had changed her to what she was now. She hated the Metalkind and was willing to have them destroy Earth if they would be destroyed. She mocked humanity for not being as advanced as her own flesh species, suggesting prior knowledge of Earth and humans. (TV: Sky)

Abilities Edit

Miss Myers could take control of humans or render them unconscious by shooting electricity at them through her hands. She had a pendant that let her teleport. (TV: Sky)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Miss Myers is similar to Mrs Wormwood; each created a child as part of a nefarious plan. Wormwood wanted to use Luke to help the Bane invade Earth, while Myers wanted Sky to exterminate the Metalkind. Like Wormwood, her child was adopted by Sarah Jane Smith after her plot was foiled.
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