My Sarah Jane: A Tribute to Elisabeth Sladen was a special documentary made by the Doctor Who Confidential production team as a memorial tribute to the late Elisabeth Sladen. The special featured Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures cast and crew talking about their memories of Elisabeth Sladen and her character Sarah Jane Smith. It was supplemented with clips and photos from Sladen's work on both series. It was first broadcast on CBBC immediately following the premiere of The Impossible Astronaut on BBC One.

This special was not technically shown under the Doctor Who Confidential banner, though it has been generally considered an episode of the series due to the presence of Confidential's production team and its closing with the Confidential logo.

The opening and closing music used was "She," performed by Elvis Costello.

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The broadcast of My Sarah Jane was watched by 707,000 viewers, or about 4.1% of the audience.[1]

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