Music of the Spherions was the second story of the Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor comic book mini-series, published in 2015.

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Picking up from where part one left off, where the Doctor finds space-time coordinates for various locations inside the copy of Jane Eyre. The Doctor and Josie go to the first listed location, Lumin's world, only to find that it's in the middle of a war zone, where people are bring turned crystalline. Josie trips on a rock, and a fragment of crystal gets embedded in her leg. As it turns out, the crystal is slowly transforming her into an alien known as the Spherions; a race completely made from crystal. The natives of the planet, resembling bipedal bluish cats, take the Doctor and Josie to safety, and tell them that the Spherions invaded their home planet, and now they must fight. The Doctor gets angry at their willingness to fight, and decides to talk to the Spherions. He finds out that they thought the natives were essentially plants, and that they are almost extinct, and wanted to do anything they could to prevent themselves from dying out. Josie decides to resolve the situation by talking to the Spherions, and they heal her, and go to an uninhabited world and repopulate.

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  • Malleon was the home planet of the Calaxi.
  • There is a room within the TARDIS featuring a lake neighbouring a mountain and a canvas with paints.

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