The "Music of the Spheres", as the Tenth Doctor called it, also called Time's music, (AUDIO: The Gift) was the term for the radio waves emitted by the stars. (AUDIO: Tomb Ship)

Ancient species like the Entropy Sirens, (AUDIO: The Entropy Composition) the Ancients of the Universe (PROSE: Big Bang Generation) and the Archons listened and danced to the music (PROSE: The Nameless City) while the Arrit carved markings of the music notes on the walls of their tomb ships. (AUDIO: Tomb Ship)

Though initially unable to be heard within the TARDIS, due to the sound of the TARDIS itself, the music could be heard if one were to take down the TARDIS shield and silently drifting in space. The Tenth Doctor was listening to this music while writing his own piece, which he called "Ode to the Universe". (TV: Music of the Spheres)

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