The Museum of Lost Opportunities was a museum founded by Chiyoko as a memorial to humanity, which had been destroyed in a war against the Galateans. It was built in the remains of Earth.

History Edit

After the human race was wiped out by the Galateans and the Earth was blown up, Chiyoko founded the Museum and had it built in the remains of Earth. She had it built to remind herself that the human race had deserved to die.

The museum had a time scoop which was used to gather exhibits. The museum was full of dimensional projections of locations from Earth, such as the Library of Alexandria, the Sphinx in Egypt and Wilmslow. The museum was filled with robots which looked like humans. Some of the robot duplicates (such as Emily, Charlotte and Anne Brontë) broke their programming and discovered their true robot nature.

When the Galateans invaded the museum, the Brontë sisters fought back and used the time scoop to bring the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond to the museum. The Doctor and Amy arrived in a replica of 1954 Wilmslow, where they met a robot duplicate of Alan Turing. The Doctor broke them out of the dimensional projection and met the duplicates of the Brontë sisters, who took them to the museum's time scoop. Emily Brontë was killed by the Galateans on the way. The survivors hoped the Doctor would help them use the time scoop to stop the Galateans.

However, when the Galateans broke into the room and killed Charlotte Brontë, Anne Brontë sacrificed herself to use the time scoop to send the Doctor, Amy, and the robot duplicate of Alan Turing back to the time of the Galateans' creation, hoping they would stop it from happening. (COMIC: The Child of Time)

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