Murigen was a marsh planet which was jointly colonised by humans and Lavellans. It had three suns: Nemhain, Macha, and Fea.

In 2609, the First Colonial University of Murigen held a conference on vampirology which was infiltrated by an actual vampire. The vampire converted many speakers at the conference, planning to use the university's experimental quantum gateways to send them to major worlds across the galaxy to spread vampirism. This plot was stopped by Bernice Summerfield, Imogen Tantry, and Lloyd Doihara. (PROSE: Predating the Predators)

Tantry briefly thought of Murigen while she was on Wailing's Lace. (PROSE: De Umbris Idearum)

In the City of the Saved, Krisztina-Judit Németh and Antonio Finlay reminisced over their time on Murigen when they met in AF 291. (PROSE: Unification Theory)

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