The Multihaven was one of the many zones on the planet Bortresoye in the Divergent Universe. The Multihaven was overseen by the Bordinan, who worked to ensure that a diversity and balance of religious beliefs was maintained.

This zone was a host to 47 established religions, all occupying a vast city devoted to religious study. These 47 religions included the 23rd Church of Lucidity (led by Laan Carder), the Church of Kabari (led by Bishop Parrash), the Bakoans, the Microbaptists, the Divine Gas, the Temple of the Ever Open Door and the Church of Serendipity, which worships the Great Lord Whoops the Great Neglecter and embrace accidents and chaos of all kinds.

The Eighth Doctor, Charlotte Pollard, and C'rizz visited the Multihaven while Lucidianism was spreading throughout the entire zone. (AUDIO: Faith Stealer)

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