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Mr Smith's Data updates was a 40 part video anthology. They were updates about the cases of the Bannerman Road gang.

They were similar to the Sarah Jane's Alien Files but shorter and were focused not only on the aliens, but on the whole case. The data updates were less than one minute long and summarised the facts about a certain topic.

Several scenes from the series were shown on Mr Smith's screen and were explained by him. Alexander Armstrong provided his voice for Mr Smith. The other characters only appeared in the shown scenes from series one and two.

The data updates were only published during the first and the second series of SJA on the SJA website. The data updates were published at:, but aren't available any longer.

Stories[edit | edit source]

Revenge of the Slitheen[edit | edit source]

The latest information relating to the Park Vale case has revealed some abnormal activity, worth investigating.

The latest information relating to the investigation into Coldfire Construction is very suspicious. (2 parts)

Eye of the Gorgon[edit | edit source]

Some very suspicious activity has been reported at Lavender Lawns Rest Home for the elderly. (Part 1) The latest information relating to the Lavender Lawns case has revealed some interesting information. (Part 2)

St Agnes Abbey is the closest place to Lavender Lawns with any connection to nuns.

Find out more about Bea Nelson Stanley and her travels.

It has been discovered that the Talisman is in fact an ancient key which can open a portal to the Gorgon's home world 100 million light years away.

The Lavender Lawns case has now concluded. The alien responsible for the mysterious activities has been identified as the Gorgon.

Warriors of Kudlak[edit | edit source]

Numerous children have been reported missing but is there a connection between their disappearance and a new gaming complex called Combat 3000? (Part 1) The latest information relating to the Combat 3000 case has revealed some interesting facts. (Part 2)

It has been discovered that an alien of the Uvodni species could be behind the mysterious disappearances relating to the Combat 3000 gaming complex.

A completed analysis of the entanglement shells has revealed some very interesting information which could connect the disappearance of numerous children with the unusual weather patterns detected recently.

Components of the energy web machine built by Sarah Jane include two fuse rods made from Cibrianite Flux. When touched at the same time without protection, an electro-neurological circuit is completed rendering the possessor unconscious for up to 60 minutes.

Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?[edit | edit source]

Tracking progress of Meteor K67 as it proceeds on a collision course towards Earth.

Further information relating to Andrea Yates.

A unique gift given to Sarah Jane, the Puzzle Box.

The latest data relating to the Andrea Yates case has revealed some interesting information.

Information relating to Sarah Jane's past and a tragic accident on a school trip.

It has been confirmed that an alien called the Trickster is responsible for changing time and swapping Sarah Jane with Andrea Yates.

The Graske.

The Lost Boy[edit | edit source]

Latest information reveals some interesting research activities at the The Pharos Para-Science Institute.

Access Denied, Information Classified, Please try again later!

Disguised in the new slim-line flesh suits, the Family Slitheen have returned to Earth seeking revenge.

The latest data relating to the Stafford case has revealed some interesting information.

Advanced Crystalline Life Form detected.

The MITRE headset has been analysed.

The Last Sontaran[edit | edit source]

The reports of strange lights seen at Goblin's Copse has revealed some alien activity worth investigating. (Part 1) The investigation into the alien activity at Goblin's Copse has now concluded. (Part 2)

The Day of the Clown[edit | edit source]

Luke and Clyde have encountered a new associate.

Sightings of a strange clown appear to reveal some alien activity worth investigating. (Part 1) The Spellman Case has revealed extra-terrestrial activity. (Part 2)

Secrets of the Stars[edit | edit source]

Martin Trueman's ability to predict the future is worth a closer look. (Part 1) The Trueman Case revealed some very unusual and ancient extra terrestrial activity. (Part 2)

The Mark of the Berserker[edit | edit source]

Sarah Jane is investigating some suspicious alien activity in Tarminster and will be away for the weekend.Therefore, Luke will be staying at Clyde's house and I will shut down until further notice.

Sarah Jane's investigation in Tarminster was interrupted by an emergency situation involving Clyde's father Paul Langer and a strange alien pendant.

The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith[edit | edit source]

The appearance of a time fissure linking the modern world to another point in time could be related to the disappearance of Sarah Jane and Luke. (Part 1) Sarah Jane's journey back to 1951 could have led to catastrophic consequences for Earth. (Part 2)

Enemy of the Bane[edit | edit source]

The disappearance of Gita Chandra appears to be related to alien activity. Mrs Wormwood failed to mention her conspiracy with Kaagh and their plan to take revenge on Sarah Jane and Earth. (2 parts)

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