The Movellan ship was the starship used by a small party of Movellans to reach Skaro in an attempt to destroy the planet during their war with the Daleks.

The ship's lower half could drill into the earth to provide camouflage and protection. The design of the ship showed it to be from the star system 4-X-Alpha-4 and that it possessed time warp capabilities. The ship was not shown to be armed in any way.

It should perhaps be mentioned that the Doctor was unable to confirm as to whether the ship was actually from 4-X-Alpha-4, as he didn't have his copy of Jane's Book of Spacecraft of the Universe with him at the time.

During the battle for the Movellan ship, the Daleks, strapped with explosives, attacked the ship after it had been taken over by the human slaves who escaped. They fought the Daleks, who all the while tried to press against the hull and Davros in an attempt to detonate. The Doctor stopped him and detonated the explosives before the Daleks reached the ship.

The escaped slaves, holding Davros prisoner in a cryogenic freezer, left Skaro in the ship to meet with a High Security Ship from Earth. (TV: Destiny of the Daleks)

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