Mounting The Rescue was a 2|entertain DVD documentary about the making of the Doctor Who serial, The Rescue. As a general overview of the production of the serial, it covered many topics.

Chief amongst these was the cast change that the serial brought. Mounting explored the departure of Carole Ann Ford and the arrival of Maureen O'Brien, revealing along the way that Denise Upson was also considered for the role of Vicki, and that Ford was herself welcoming to her replacement.

Beyond cast changes, Mounting explored actual production details themselves. It emphasised the fact that Rescue was part of the same production block as The Romans, and touched on how designer Raymond Cusick had to divide his time between the two serials. It also described the relationship between Cusick, as a member of the BBC design department, and an outside firm like Shawcraft Models, who provided the models for The Rescue. It revealed how closely a designer had to work with the model maker to achieve his desired results.

The inlay shot camera effect is explained. It was used for scenes where the crashed ship is in wide shot.

Bernard Archard was considered for Bennett before Ray Barrett was chosen. Ian McLachlan explains his theory of an "all is not what it seems" theme running throughout Doctor Who. Jacqueline Hill was hurt by a special-effects explosion during the flare gun scene. She was not notably injured but was shocked by the incident.

The outstanding ratings of the serial are touched upon and it ends with Ray Barrett professing that he will have "out rated the Daleks" on his tombstone.

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