In a parallel universe, Mother Superior was the head of the Sisterhood of Beedlix.

She was looking for hymns of her religion in the Library to give her Sisterhood hope. (AUDIO: The Library in the Body)

She sent a distress signal to the Doctor in order to save them from the end of the universe. She used their song to gain them priority access to the Emporium. The Mother Superior clued Bernice Summerfield to the final days of the War, and the Doctor's actions. She kept plying Bernice Summerfield and the Master with wine. (AUDIO: The Emporium At The End)

She arrested the Doctor after he was impeached. (AUDIO: Truant) At the Doctor's trial, she asked him how long the universe had left and what was he going to do about it. She used the Doctor's therapy sessions against her. The Hood tried to persuade her to vote against the Doctor by arguing about the philosophy of prayer. She stripped the Doctor of power and gave it to the Master. After the Apocalypse Clock was activated, she said to the Master that he should start acting when the Doctor left him there. (AUDIO: The True Saviour of the Universe)

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