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Iris Wildthyme: Mother, Maiden, Crone was a novella written by Courtney Milnestein and published by Obverse Books as a "supper special" in the The New Adventures of Iris Wildthyme series.

Publisher's summary[]

It's 1978 and, to the horror of Sammy at least, her beloved punk is being replaced by the fake posturing of New Wave. Worse, Camden is full of posers in black silk shirts with bouffant hair and girls in pink dresses, and there's some odd old woman and her talking toy Panda in her local pub.

What is a girl to do?


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  • While all profits from this novella's initial release were donated to charity, Obverse Books was in full possession of the rights to the characters used in this story, and retained future commercial rights, also marketing as part of their broader The New Adventures of Iris Wildthyme novel series — making it more akin to some of the BBC's Children in Need specials, such as Time Crash, than to any of the less formal "charity works" in which Iris Wildthyme has been featured over the years.
  • The novel was numbered as "?" on the spine.


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