Most Beautiful Music was a short story printed in Doctor Who The Official Annual 2009. It featured the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble. It was written by Justin Richards.

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The Tenth Doctor and Donna attend the Concert of the Most Beautiful Music at the Church of the High Exalted on Cantabulous Nine, in its 320th year.

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  • When the Doctor and Donna are thrown out of the church by a monk, Donna says it reminds her of Ginny's wedding.

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  • Donna compares the need for the creature in the lassimater to keep the Child of Music alive for so long to Puff the Magic Dragon.

Species Edit

  • Also attending the concert are men, women, dog people and giant crustaceans, as well as other aliens.

Technology Edit

  • The Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to break back into the church, and then to free the creature from the lassimater.

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