Morvin Van Hoff was a humanoid from Sto. He was married to Foon Van Hoff, to whom he was very devoted. He worked at the milk market and met Foon there. They were lucky enough to win first class tickets aboard the luxury space liner Titanic in a competition, which earned them the scorn of a number of snooty passengers. When the Tenth Doctor first met them, they were the butt of a joke where the passengers told them it was a fancy dress party, to which the Doctor responded by causing a bottle of champagne to explosively spray the group. Both were most amused at this, and quickly befriended him.

The Van Hoffs survived the asteroid crash with the Doctor and followed him through the wrecked ship. Upon discovering a deactivated Host, Morvin and his wife used their skills with robotics to try and reactivate it to help the group, during which Foon confessed that she had racked up a huge bill of 5,000 credits while playing the competition. When they managed to reactivate the Host robot, it tried to throttle Morvin due to having been ordered to kill all survivors, though he was saved by the Doctor. He later died when when the metal of the platform he was standing on broke and he fell into the storm drive engine. He was soon followed by his beloved wife, who was unable to live without him, and took one of the Heavenly Host with her. (TV: Voyage of the Damned)

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