Morris Barry (born Morris Randolph Barry on 9 February 1918, died 20 November 2000 in Merton, London[1]) was a television director, producer and actor.

Barry started out behind the cameras, directing episodes of Softly, Softly, Z-Cars and Compact (which he also produced). In 1967, he directed his first Doctor Who television story, helming The Moonbase. Later that year he directed The Tomb of the Cybermen. In 1968, he directed his final Doctor Who television story, The Dominators.

He produced the television shows Spy Trap and Poldark in the 1970. In the late 70s, he also branched out into acting, gaining roles in Blake's 7 and Are You Being Served?. He then appeared in The Creature from the Pit, a 1979 episode of Doctor Who, playing Tollund alongside Tom Baker.

He acted into the early 1980s, appearing in All Creatures Great and Small and the BBC TV adaptation of The Day of the Triffids, before retiring in the late 80s.

He was distantly related to fellow Doctor Who director Christopher Barry. (INFO: The Creature from the Pit)

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