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Morris was a cyborg slave on board the Imperial Air Galley.


A former gladiator for the Hyp-Arena on an alternate Rome, Morris was imprisoned by the General Ironicus when it was discovered that he had illegally souped up his bionic arm circuits. While working as a slave to power the Air Galley, Morris met the Fourth Doctor and the pair helped each other to escape.

When Morris, the Doctor and Vesuvius found themselves trapped by a Robot Flying Squad, Morris took it upon himself to dispense with their enemies using a bact gun. However, one of the robots survived and shot the air car that they were travelling in, leaving Morris seriously injured. The Doctor was able to help Morris to the underground catacombs, but on inspection of his wounds realised that they were fatal, and Morris died soon after. (COMIC: Doctor Who and the Iron Legion)

In another account it was the Doctor who souped up Morris's bionic arm using his sonic screwdriver, and Morris was instead fatally wounded by an overloaded bacterial cartridge of a bact-gun. (AUDIO: Doctor Who and the Iron Legion)

A Vortex parasite later conjured up a manifestation of Morris, along with many others, for the Doctor to fight. (COMIC: A Life of Matter and Death)

Behind the scenes[]

Morris' appearance in the Big Finish Productions audio adaptation.

Throughout Doctor Who and the Iron Legion Morris is repeatedly identified as the Doctor's companion - once by the Fourth Doctor himself, and twice within recaps given in the strip. This makes Morris Doctor Who Magazine's first one-off companion, shortly followed by Vesuvius in the same story. Morris would later go on to make two other appearances; as a manifestation of the Vortex parasite in A Life of Matter and Death and in the Big Finish Productions audio adaptation of this story.