Morphieans were advanced energy beings from the planet Morpheia.

Biology Edit

Morphieans were energy beings that existed primarily as beings of pure thought. The Morphieans can create powerful bodies for themselves by controlling the flea-like creatures that were present on the planetoid and spaceship that the First Doctor, Ben Jackson and Polly Wright were on, so that they could aggregate. (PROSE: Ten Little Aliens)

History Edit

By the time the Earth Empire arrived, they had withdrawn to their own quadrant and adopted an isolationist stance. The rulers of Morphiea were unconcerned by the Empire's expansion, content to let humans spread through the entire quadrant whilst they operate on purely intangible planes. However, dissident factions within the quadrant objected to relinquishing all claim to corporeal existence to make way for what they consider to be more primitive life-forms. (PROSE: Ten Little Aliens)

Technology Edit

Their technology was based on rituals. Large rituals required ten participants and were capable of decimating planets. Long before the Earth Empire arrived in their galaxy, they were active in the sector of space containing the Schirr homeworld and the Schirr learnt some of their rituals. Their rituals could also be used to transform human bodies into Schirr.

They were capable of making what they called "constructs", which were fleshy organisms that were animated by them. One of these constructs were statues that looked like short, fat cherubs. They were able to come to life, and fly around using their wings. They attempted to kill the people who were on the unnamed planetoid, and they killed some of them (such as Dav Joiks) by ripping their body apart and feeding it to their engine. (PROSE: Ten Little Aliens)

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