Godfather Morlock was the head of Faction Paradox's Bio-Research Wing. He spent decades researching biodata, discovering things that only he could understand. He developed a series of biodata-related inventions for the Faction, including the tracking-knife and the biodata virus.

He was described by one of his students as "a cross between Henry VIII and Isaac Newton". (PROSE: The Book of the War)

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Morlock worked with Godfather Kobold to create the myth of the Peace and manipulate the life of Dysgenia so that she would use a bomb disguised as the Peace to destroy several enemies of the Faction. (PROSE: A Story of the Peace)

Morlock once conducted a series of studies on the biodata of famous individuals. The results of these studies inspired the creation of the Cult of Celebrity Death. (PROSE: The Book of the War) He autopsied Vlad III's body with his tracking-knife. (PROSE: A Bloody (And Public) Domaine)

Morlock wrote a section on oxbow realities in The Book of the Truce. (PROSE: Weapons Grade Snake Oil)

Prester John thought Morlock would be "really pissed off" if he threw him a birthday party. (PROSE: Warring States Prologue)

After Sabbath attained the rank of Godfather, Morlock helped conduct a ritual to fortify Sabbath's timeline by killing his ancestors. In part, Morlock did this because he it would give him the chance to search for new Faction recruits. When they came to 1899 to murder Fiora Venn, Morlock took interest in Emma James. Any plans to recruit Emma were put to a swift end when Morlock saw that Fiora was already pregnant with Sabbath's grandfather, meaning that Emma would have to be killed in Fiora's place. However, Morlock saw potential in Emma's friend Justine McManus and recruited her. (AUDIO: Movers, A Labyrinth of Histories)

During the Seventy-Ninth Sontaran Assault Corps' invasion of the Eleven-Day Empire, Morlock watched from behind the face of Big Ben. He later bonded Grandfather Paradox's shadow to Cousin Justine. (AUDIO: The Eleven Day Empire) Morlock was with General Kine and Quelch when Lolita consumed the Empire. (AUDIO: The Shadow Play)

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