Moris Farhi (1935-5 March 2019[1]) was a Turkish writer and actor who submitted scripts for two Doctor Who stories in 1964: Farewell Great Macedon and The Fragile Yellow Arc of Fragrance. Neither story was produced for television, but both were published in 2009 by Nothing at the End of the Lane in the book also entitled Farewell Great Macedon. Big Finish Productions has also produced audio adaptations of the two stories for release in 2010, featuring surviving William Hartnell-era cast members William Russell and Carole Ann Ford.

Farhi alternated between writing and acting, appearing in two James Bond films, From Russia with Love and You Only Live Twice in uncredited bit parts. He also wrote the 1962 film The Primitives as well as episodes of The Onedin Line and Return of the Saint. For the latter series, he write the script for the episode "Assault Force," which guest starred Kate O'Mara.

In early 1964, David Whitaker, who was beginning to compile prospective storylines for Doctor Who, invited Farhi to submit some scripts. The first of these, The Fragile Yellow Arc of Fragrance, was a surreal single-episode storyline set on a planet called Fragrance; it was considered a test script and never considered for broadcast. Farhi was subsequently commissioned to write Farewell Great Macedon, which saw the First Doctor meet Alexander the Great and was in keeping with the historical storylines featured on the show at the time. According to Farhi in his introduction to the Farewell Great Macedon book, the script was ultimately rejected as the series began to move towards more science fictional storylines.

Farhi also submitted an unproduced script for another cult favourite, The Prisoner. His script for that series, The Outsider, was published in the mid-2000s.

In November 1977, according to an article in Farewell Great Macedon, Doctor Who producer Graham Williams commissioned Farhi to write a four-episode Fourth Doctor script, The Divided, but it too was never produced. Unlike his other scripts, however, nothing remains of this story, and Farhi has apparently forgotten what it was about.

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