Morestra, also known as Alpha Major, was the home planet of the Morestrans. It was once a colony of Earth. It was the centre of the Morestran Empire, controlled by the Morestran Orthodox Church, which spanned eighty million light-years and contained fourteen hundred twenty-seven inhabited star systems. (PROSE: Zeta Major)

When its star was dying in the 372nd century, the search for alternate energy sources led Professor Sorenson's team to Zeta Minor in 37,166. He discovered that the anti-matter minerals of the planet had huge potential as a power source. However, the team came under attack from the anti-matter creature and the probe ship that came to rescue the expedition was unable to leave with the minerals on board. Sorenson lost his memory of what he had discovered, but the Fourth Doctor instilled the idea of harnessing the kinetic force of planetary movement in him, convincing him it was his own idea. (TV: Planet of Evil) This led the Morestra becoming the epicentre for Sorenson's new attempts to provide alternative power sources. (PROSE: Zeta Major)

In 39,164 Morestra was finally abandoned and its people began a search for a new home planet, being almost entirely cut off from their Earth origins. (PROSE: Zeta Major) The timeline of the existence of the planet and empire comprised the Morestran Era. (AUDIO: Zagreus)

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