More Short Trips was the second book in the BBC Books Short Trips series.

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Here on Earth or out in the depths of the cosmos, the Doctor and his companions are never far from adventure. More Short Trips — the cleverly-titled follow-up to the popular Short Trips volume of short stories — takes the time travellers on another careering course of exciting escapade throughout time and space.

Showcasing the talents of both established authors and first-time writers, More Short Trips features every TV Doctor and a whole host of companions — plus a few surprises...

Discover things on Earth you were never meant to know. Get around the universe. Get short tripping.

Stories Edit

Title Author Doctor Featuring
Totem Tara Samms 8th
Scientific Adviser Ian Atkins 2nd The Brigadier
Missing, Part One: Business as Usual Gary Russell Mel
Moon Graffiti Dave Stone 6th Peri
One Bad Apple Simon Forward 4th Leela
64 Carlysle Street Gary Russell 1st Steven, Dodo
The Eternity Contract Steve Lyons 5th Nyssa
The Sow in Rut Robert Perry, Mike Tucker Sarah, K9 Mark III
Special Weapons Paul Leonard 7th Mel
Honest Living Jason Loborik 3rd Jo, the Brig
Dead Time Andrew Miller 8th Sam
Romans Cutaway David A. McIntee 1st Barbara, Ian, Vicki
Return of the Spiders Gareth Roberts 4th Romana II, K9 Mark II
Hot Ice Christopher Bulis 5th Peri
uPVC Paul Farnsworth 2nd Jamie, Zoe, Seventh Doctor, Ace
Good Companions Peter Anghelides Future Doctor Tegan
Missing, Part Two: Message in a Bottle Robert Perry and Mike Tucker Mel
Femme Fatale Paul Magrs 8th Sam

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Two stories from the anthology, Moon Graffiti and Dead Time, were released on cassette tapes, alongside a story from the first Short Trips anthology and an original story. Moon Graffiti was released on Out of the Darkness (read by Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant), and Dead Time on Earth and Beyond (read by Paul McGann). These were again released on MP3-CD on Tales from the TARDIS volumes 1 and 2 respectively.

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