The Morax Queen was the queen of the Morax, and the consort of the Morax King. Along with the rest of her species, she was imprisoned inside Pendle Hill for war crimes, but was accidentally released when Becka Savage cut down the tree that was keeping them imprisoned. The queen and her fellow Morax possessed corpses in order to try and release the king from his prison. Eventually, the queen possessed Becka and abducted James I, King of England, in order to have the king possess him. However, the Thirteenth Doctor and Team TARDIS rescued King James by using flaming torches to repell the Morax due to their sensitivity to heat, and the Doctor stabbed one of the torches into the ground before using the Sonic screwdriver on it, reactivating the prison and causing the Morax to be sucked back inside. The queen refused to leave and proclaimed that she would not be defeated, but was stabbed with a flaming torch by King James, killing her. (TV: The Witchfinders)

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