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The Moors — or the Moorish people — were a medieval human cultural group associated with at least Spain. The precise geography of the Moorish lands was unknown, but the western edge was, according to Guy de Carnac in 1242, the mountains close to Béziers, France. He also held that Barcelona was a part of "Moorish Spain". (PROSE: Sanctuary)

Interactions with other cultures Edit

Some Christians were prone to attack Moorish settlements in Spain on the way to the Crusades. (PROSE: Vampire Science) However, Moors were also famous for their own violence. They formed raiding parties that often beset travellers. Moorish raiding parties were a phenomenon with which Guy de Carnac was wearily familiar. (PROSE: Sanctuary)

Art and architecture Edit

They were known for their distinctive architectural style. The Alhambra Palace in Spain was regarded as a fine example of Moorish architecture, so when Liz Shaw encountered a room with very similar properties in Moscow, it was natural to think it "Moorish". (PROSE: The Wages of Sin) Equally, the Espero colony had buildings with what the Eighth Doctor called "definite Moorish influences". (PROSE: Halflife)

They were also known for their distinctive rugs. (PROSE: The Ghosts of N-Space)

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