Moon Landing was a TV Comic story featuring the First Doctor, John and Gillian.

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In 1970, the first men from the planet Earth land on the Moon. The two astronauts are dismayed to discover the Doctor's TARDIS. Going to investigate, they fall down a crevasse.

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  • The Daily News reported on the shuttlecraft launch.

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  • Published in 1965, this story makes the remarkable prediction that the first manned Moon landing would occur on 22 July 1970, being late by only one year and two days.
  • In the comic, 20 July was given as the date of launch according to a newspaper, with the landing happening two days later. In real life, 16 July was the date of the launch, with the landing happening four days later.
  • This comic also predicts the first moon landing would be done by two men: Colonel Roberts and Major Simms in the comic, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin in real life.
  • The Doctor's first on-screen visit to the Moon was in The Moonbase, two years before NASA did so in real life.
  • The 1969 Moon landing by Apollo 11 has also been mentioned in Doctor Who media, notably in the novel Who Killed Kennedy and the television story Day of the Moon.
  • This story is given the title of "Moonshot" in the "Comics Checklist" section of DWM 62.

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