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You may be looking for the Torchwood story, Monster.

Monsters was the sixteenth short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips and Side Steps. It was written by Tara Samms. It featured the Seventh Doctor and Ace.


Kirsty Fisher is going to see Dr Rochford with her mother. Her mother, who suffers from Munchausen by proxy, thrives on the attention she gets as mother of a sick child, and Kirsty believes her mother gives her things in her food to make her sick. The doctor tries to convince Mrs Fisher that Kirsty is not that sick, but Mrs Fisher has done her homework and comes up with new suggestions of diseases.

Meanwhile, Kirsty's brother David has gotten involved with a bad crowd of boys. They are hanging out and smoking. David sees a strange man apparently watching them. When they run out of cigarettes, Nigel, the gang leader, goads David into Mr Golieweski's newsagent's shop. David sees the strange man talking to a girl who has the word "Ace" written on her bomber jacket. David buys cigarettes, while the girl Ace watches him. When David leaves, he hears her start to ask Mr Golieweski some questions. He thinks the strange man is staring at him, but the man is actually staring at a poster advertising a meeting for a flying-saucer watching society. One of the gang members, Barney, tries to beg money off the man, whom Ace calls "Professor", but he doesn't have any.

As the boys leave, Ace and the Doctor discuss plans to attend the alien-watching meeting the next day. Meanwhile, David is at home in the bathroom, and Kirsty comes in, immediately becoming sick in the toilet. He doesn't believe what she says about their mother, and says she should join the flying-saucer crowd. She decides to run away and sneaks out the next afternoon to go to the meeting. She goes to the newsagent to find out about the meeting. Ace sees that Kirsty is skipping school and takes her to the meeting with her.

Meanwhile, Nigel's gang has decided to vandalise a mausoleum. When they break in, Nigel makes David go first. The rest of the boys enter and start breaking things.

Kirsty is disappointed by the meeting. Group Leader Chester and a middle-aged woman are the only other ones present. Chester describes the aliens, whom he calls "Friends", but Ace criticises him and calls him a pervert. The two girls leave, and Kirsty runs off. Ace follows her, but Kirsty thinks she has lost her. Kirsty goes to Mr Golieweski's and orders some chocolate.

At the mausoleum, the torch goes out, and the boys hear strange noises. The other boys run off, and David is confronted by the Doctor.

Kirsty starts to feel sick and dizzy. Ace enters the newsagent shop, and when Mr Gloieweski turns to talk to Ace, Kirsty notices that his head has a flap of skin covering something. Golieweski throws Ace across the room as Kirsty starts to lose consciousness.

David confronts the gang, but Nigel says they are going to break into Golieweski's because the shop appears empty. In the shop, Kirsty and Ace are locked in a cupboard. They talk, and Kirsty tells Ace about her mum.

David is sent to break into the shop, but he steps on something soft. It is the Doctor, who tells David to be still. Something alien grabs David, but the Doctor tells it to let go. It drops David, and the Doctor talks to it. It grabs the Doctor, who tells David to run. Ace has managed to break open the lock on the cupboard, and she hits the alien in the head with David's dropped hammer. David is mocked by the gang when he runs out, but then a blue light flashes, and the boys run away. The Doctor ushers Ace and Kirsty out of the shop, as the alien's people have come for him to punish him.

The Doctor won't let Kirsty look, but she hears a sort of explosion that blocks her ears and a scream. When she looks, the shop is gone.

David goes home, and Kirsty runs home too. Ace is disappointed, because she thought Kirsty could go with them in the TARDIS.

At home, Kirsty tells her mum the whole story. Her mum thinks Kirsty should have some special tests.




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