Monster Morpher was an online video game, published on The Sarah Jane Adventures website.

Scenario Edit

Monster Morpher1

Clyde Langer, Rani Chandra and Luke Smith appear as a Graske, Androvax and Uvlavad Kudlak

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Androvax, a Graske and Uvlavad Kudlak say that the Earth will be theirs in 12 hours, then start to laugh, only to be interrupted by Sarah Jane Smith entering the attic. Scolding them that the item she is holding, later revealed to be a monster morpher, is not a toy, she reverts the three to their true forms of Clyde Langer, Rani Chandra, and Luke Smith. Mr Smith reports an unknown life form, and Rani, Clyde and Luke run downstairs. Sarah, stating they have new enemies to face, momentarily morphs into a Shansheeth, then reverts herself and follows.

Photo morpher Edit

After this the player can upload a photo of him or herself, then the player can rotate and zoom the photo. Later the mouth, the nose and the eyes of the player are added to a photo of either Androvax, a Graske or Uvlavad Kudlak and a photo ID card is made.

Receiving the ID Edit

Monster Morpher4

Sarah Jane Smith hands over the ID card

Then Sarah uses the monster morpher to make the ID card. She makes different comments about how good the ID card has turned out and hands it over to the player. The ID card can be printed.

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