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Monster Match was an online puzzle game published on the BBC's Doctor Who website.


Build a sequence of three or more monsters to make them disappear.

How to play?[]

To assemble the monsters, you must click on one of them and then exchange it with one directly next to him.

  • The timed version has a time of 3 minutes to collect the maximum points.
  • There is only one level where 9 monsters are present: Abzorbaloff (yellow), Clockwork Droid (dark grey), Cyberman (light grey), Dalek (orange) Ood (red), Robot Santa (green)and Slitheen (blue).
  • Each time a monster is clicked, the image changes to show slightly different.
  • Each time monsters match, a different sound plays.
    • The Abzorbaloff exclaims "Clom!"
    • Clockwork Droid tocks.
    • Cyberman exclaims "Delete!"
    • Dalek exclaims "Exterminate!"
    • The Ood proclaim that "we are the legion of the Beast."
    • Robot Santa chants "Ho-ho-ho!"
    • The Slitheen farts.
  • Unlike other games of its type, a shift that does not eliminate the monster remains in place and can move back monsters.
  • There is no end to the game, no supplements are not given after a certain score.

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