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Monster Hunt was a game based on the webcomic of the same name, published on The Sarah Jane Adventures website.

The game was released from 16 October to 26 November 2009.

Summary by the publisher Edit

Launch the Monster Hunt Comic to start the adventure. This will setup the story of the Monster Hunt. When a Monster goes missing, click on the icon to listen to a message from Clyde, Rani and Mr Smith, they will give you clues. When you've watched the video, click on the link to be transported to the area where the Monster has been detected. Search the website and find the Monster. When you've found the Monster and cornered it, click on it to capture the creature. This will send you back to the Monster Hunt hub and will unlock a special piece of content. Your rank in the game will also improve! Your rank progress will only be saved if you use the same computer to hunt monsters.

Overview Edit

Star poet on the CBBC website

The player has found Star Poet.

The video game takes pace between COMIC: Monster Hunt - The Beginning and COMIC: Monster Hunt - The Ending. The player plays Rani Chandra and Clyde Langer who try to find the aliens that were uploaded by the Krulius from his data-pods onto the internet. Rani Chandra and Clyde Langer also appear in small video messages during the game and give the player clues about where to find the missing aliens.

The goal was to find monsters on different BBC Websites. After a user had found a monster he got a reward. The rewards were videos, a quiz, paper games, a screensaver, a wallpaper and the two parts of the Monster Hunt comic. The user could only get the complete comic if he had found the last monster, the Krulius.

Next to the rewards the user also archieved a new rank, once he or she had found a monster. The first rank "Bane Beginner" was archieved when a user found Star Poet, the last rank "SJA Sidekick" could be archieved when a user found the Krulius.

The monsters the users had to find were: Star Poet, the Slitheen, the Judoon, Androvax, Eve, the Sontarans, the Graske, the Trickster, Uvlavad Kudlak, Mona Lisa, the Bane and the Krulius.

Videos in the Monster Hunt game Edit


The Player has to collect the missing monsters in here.

How to find the monsters Edit

  • Find the Star Poet: Help Clyde and Rani find the Star Poet, it's been spotted hanging around!
  • Find the Slitheen: Help Clyde and Rani find the Slitheen, click the search button to go hunting.
  • Find the Judoon: Help Clyde and Rani find the Judoon, it's been spotted on the moon.
  • Find the Androvax: Help Clyde and Rani find the Androvax, click the search button to go hunting.
  • Find Eve: Help Clyde and Rani find Eve! Make sure you don't upset her.
  • Find the Sontaran: Help Clyde and Rani find the Sontaran before he distroys the earth.
  • Find the Graske: Help Clyde and Rani find the pesky Graske.
  • Find the Trickster: Help Clyde and Rani find the Trickster, he's been spotted by the blue ship.
  • Find General Kudlak: Help Clyde and Rani find General Kudlak before he recruits more children to his army.
  • Find Mona Lisa: Help Clyde and Rani find Mona Lisa, she's been seen playing up again.
  • Find the Bane!: Help Clyde and Rani find the Bane, click the search button to go hunting.
  • Find the Krulius: Help Clyde and Rani find the Krulius, before he takes over the world.

Rewards Edit

  • Star Poet: Watch Danny (Clyde) and Tommy's (Luke) exclusive video diary.
  • Sontaran: The crew borrow the camera and take you behind the wedding, with an appearance from a boxing legend. (with David Tennant)
  • Androvax: Watch Danny (Clyde) show you what the cast get up to during rehearsals.
  • Mona Lisa: Spend a day with Tommy (Luke) and his double in this exclusive video.
  • Bane: See exclusive behind the scenes photos from the last series.

Monsters and rewards Edit

Date Monsters Reward Rank
16 October 2009 Star Poet Video (video diary of Danny (Clyde) and Tommy (Luke)) Bane Beginner
20 October 2009 Slitheen Download the first part of the Monster Hunt comic (mp3 & pdf format) Alien Novice
24 October 2009 Judoon Monster Catcher (paper game) Space Chaser
28 October 2009 Androvax Video (Behind the scenes: The SJA cast during their rehearsals.) Kaagh Catcher
3 November 2009 Eve Wallpaper (Sarah Jane, Tenth Doctor, Luke, Rani & Clyde) Graske Gabber
5 November 2009 Sontaran Video (Behind the scenes of The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith) Trickster Tracker
10 November 2009 Graske Quiz Fiend Finder
13 November 2009 Trickster Hero Catcher (paper game) Monster Hunter
16 November 2009 Uvlavad Kudlak Alien Screensaver Star Poet Pro
18 November 2009 Mona Lisa Video (Behind the scenes with Tommy (Luke) and his stunt double) Intergalactic Ace
23 November 2009 Bane Video (video with behind the scenes photos) Alien Expert
26 November 2009 Krulius Download the second part of the Monster Hunt (mp3 & pdf format) SJA Sidekick

Continuity Edit

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