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Monster File: Weeping Angels was the sixteenth story of the in universe Monster Files and the first to be presented by Alex Kingston as River Song.


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Music list[]

  • "Angels With Dirty Faces" by Christopher Slaski, Album: Orchestral Drama, Horror ANW 1148


Pages from River Song's diary.

  • River Song has files on the Weeping Angels in her diary.
  • River compares her journal to that written by Rastan Jovanich. The knowledge contained in the book drove him mad. Rastan was sent to the "terrible" sanatorium of Dispard, never to be seen again. Rastan's journal survived, though barely readable, and is now in River's possession.
  • The Weeping Angels appear as statues, but are not in fact angels, nor made of stone, at least not all the time.
  • One touch from a Weeping Angel sends their prey to the past, consuming the energy of the lifes they might have led.
  • The Weeping Angels are called as such since they cover their eyes as if they are crying, doing so to prevent them from seeing each other. River notes that they are not sad for the suffering they cause.
  • The Weeping Angels' use quantum-locking as a defense mechanism, to appear as statues whenever they are seen by any sentient being.
  • When not observed, the Weeping Angels can move fast enough to catch their prey in the blink of an eye. As such, one is advised not to blink.
  • One cannot be sure if a Weeping Angel is not just a statue, or if a statue is a Weeping Angel.
  • A Weeping Angel may be statue anywhere, however old, broken or seemingly innocuous.
  • "Useful Spoilers" for dealing with a Weeping Angel is to not turn one's back, not to look away or to avoid blinking.
  • Rastan warns in his book: "that which holds the image of an Angel, becomes itself an Angel." As such, even the appearance of a Weeping Angel in a picture or on a television is dangerous.
  • Children know instinctively of the Weeping Angels, to the point of inventing playground games such as Grandmother's Footsteps to train themselves to escape them. River suggests this is why children are afraid of the dark, as one cannot see the Weeping Angels there.
  • River notes that the Weeping Angels can turn out the lights.

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